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Come join one of our Private Stand-Up Paddleboard Tours along the Wailea Coastline...  
Stand-Up Paddleboarding is easier than you think... and ANYONE can do it!

All of our tours are Private so we can provide you with personalized,
individual guidance on the Ocean with just you and your Family.  We are out
there with you every “paddle” of the way and are CPR/First Aid & Ocean
Rescue Certified to ensure your safety.  So...If you are not into crowds of
people on a tour...  You’re in the right place!  

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 Soooooo... What is 

Stand-Up Paddleboarding?

"They" say...

Stand Up Paddleboarding is fun as well as a great full body workout and SUPs (Stand-UPaddleboards) are used as a cross-training tool by athletes around the world because stand up paddling works just about every muscle in your body. 


It is estimated that by paddleboarding for one hour, a male can burn anywhere from 800-1000 calories while females burn between 500-700 calories per hour. 


When compared with the 500-700 calories burned by men and 300-500 calories burned by women while running on a treadmill (not to mention the fun factor… honestly, would you rather be out on the water and in the sun,or plodding away inside on a machine?), its no wonder why Stand Up Paddle boarding has become so popular. 

paddle meditation

Did we mention that stand up paddleboarding is most popular with women? Very often women of all ages are much more skilled at Paddleboarding than men. Basically, if you haven't tried Stand Up Paddleboarding yet,  go take a lesson – you wont be disappointed. 

paddle on

(Back side of Molokini Crater) 

Another reason for the rise in popularity of stand up paddleboarding is that, unlike surfing, paddleboarding is very easy to learn. Within one hour you can become very comfortable in the water and on your board. 

sunrise paddle
"I" say...
Stand Up Paddleboarding is like a moving meditation.  Although it can be used for an amazing workout...  this IS Maui...  
and WE do it...MAUI STYLE!

“Thank you for making the girls adventure memorable!” Dave 

sting ray

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All of our Guided Tours are now Private so we can provide you with the ultimate 5 Star Ocean Experience that you deserve!

After some consideration and "pondering" as I like to call it...  I decided to make all of the Paddle On! Maui Tours Private excursions for you, your Loved Ones and/or your "Ohana" (Family).

One of the reasons (the selfish reason) that I did this is because, part of the joy I get from being an Ocean Guide is getting to meet and know people from all around the world on my tours.  When I have 3 different groups of people with me, I never really get the chance to get to talk to any of them...  This way... I will be able to get to know each and every person on my tour individually. Not only create a new Stand-Up Paddleboard enthusiast, but maybe a new friend or two along the way!

The other reason is when groups are together... sometimes people are more hesitant to "let their hair down" so to speak and relax into the moment on this beautiful Maui Ocean...  I think this allows all of us... 
To be more OURSELVES!

When you do book your tour...  Remember, we're doing it Maui Style...  We are ALL one big "Ohana"...  so "let your hair down" and relax into the tranquility of Wailea's pristine coastline...  With an Expert Ocean Paddleboard Guide on a 5 Star Ocean Experience...  C'mon...  Get your Paddle On!

Many Mahalos  and Warmest Aloha for 
Paddling with us!


whale breach

“Can’t stop talking about the whales from this morning.  I will never forget that!” Dana 


What do we do when we're Stand Up Paddleboarding? Anything we want... Paddle, Sit, Meditate... Take a Nap... It's YOUR Tour... 

"No Ka OI" means "the Best" in Hawaiian...

And you'll have it!  The Best Guides, Local Recommendations and Warmest Aloha for you and your Family... Together we will make this Maui Vacation "No Ka Oi"!

Whale Breach


A Big Warm Aloha to our Hawaiian Humpback Whale friends who continue to arrive, bringing new life to our Hawaiian Ocean...  Wailea’s Coastline is located in the middle of the Hawaiian Humpback Marine Mammal Sanctuary!  How lucky is that?  As you can see from the photo... there is no better way to get up close and personal with our friends than on a Stand Up Paddleboard...!

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“Yesterday was awesome!” 


 “Thanks again for such a great time. Girls just told grandparents that the tour was the best part of our trip! 
  : )”  Claire

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